Jowanna Harman-Stever LAc, RN, Vancouver Acupuncturist

460820_2_IMG_1613Jowanna Harman-Stever, LAc, RN, owner of New Harmony Health, is one of the most experienced acupuncturists/Chinese Herbalists in Southwest Washington, where she has had a thriving practice for over 20 years. Jowanna has found that her extensive nursing background has been an invaluable asset when dealing with other medical professionals and patients. She has a great love of Chinese herbal medicine and enjoys integrating this into her treatments. Jowanna’s acupuncture/herbal specialties include cancer support, women’s health issues,and pain syndromes.

The clinic is conveniently located at Bauman Chiropractic, on the corner of Broadway and McLoughlin Blvd, or, for those of you using a GPS, 202 E. McLoughlin Blvd. in the uptown area of Vancouver, Washington, USA

Jowanna is proud to have Naturopath, Laura A. Schissell, ND, DC,  and Rich Stever, B.Ed, M.Ed, Feng Shui consultant serving their clients and patients in the same location.

IMG_0046Rich Stever, B.Ed, M.Ed has been studying and practicing the Form School of Feng Shui in the greater Southwest Washington area since 2002. He has successfully assisted many interior/exterior residential and commercial customers with Feng Shui adjustments bringing harmony into their living and working spaces.  Rich uses his extensive teaching background and communication skills to carefully explain ancient Feng Shui principles.

We look forward to serving you at New Harmony Health! Contact us today!