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Our Practitioner

Principal practitioner Jason Moskovitz, L.Ac., Dipl.O.M. is a licensed acupuncturist with the Washington State Department of Health and the California Acupuncture board. Jason also holds a national diploma of Oriental medicine with the National Certification Commission of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. He completed his undergraduate studies at the University of California Los Angeles, Chinese medical school at Yo San University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and residency at Venice Family Clinic. Certified in nutrition, Infinichi energy healing, qigong and tai chi Jason utilizes a wide range of modalities. In 2009 Jason joined the world-renowned Tao of Wellness in Los Angeles and was a partner in opening a second clinic location. In 2016 he moved his family of four to Vancouver, Washington and took over as owner of New Harmony Health, which first opened its doors in 2003. Jason is a contributor to PositivelyPositive.com, TheStorkMagazine.com, CycleHarmony.com, and TaoOfWellness.com; the author of Meditation for Emotional Detoxification and co-author of Arthritis: Secrets of Natural Healing.

Our Purpose

To serve our patients and communities by positively changing the minds, bodies, and lives of those we touch through our creativity and care.

Our Medicine

Chinese medicine is a traditional system of healing that utilizes the strengths of the entire body to aid in staying well or responding to illness. Left alone, the body has many miraculous abilities to help itself. Acupuncture, herbal medicine, Chinese medical nutrition, and several other modalities comprise this system which take advantage of the body’s healing talents so as to affect a more complete and often quicker road to recovery for many physical, mental and emotional conditions. And because every person is different Chinese medicine offers a customized response to an individual’s condition. As the patient changes, so does the medical response. Integrative in nature, Chinese medicine is successfully used alone or in combination with the work of other healthcare professionals. We invite you to contact us to discover how Chinese medicine can help.

Our Clinic

Our Happy Patients

Jason was a blessing to my family as a first time mother with a baby with colic., He truly changed my life.
Alma M, Yelp
Jason educated me on improving my health, diet & life style which in turn improved my fertility.
Ly N, Yelp
I was always getting sick. After a short period of time my immune system was stronger than ever and to this day I barely get sick.
Dustin S, Yelp

I was suffering chronic respiratory infections. I had exhausted conventional medical treatments. Jason worked with me to regain my health and maintain it.

Kathy J, Google

I had a retinal vein occlusion in my eye. Not wanting to do injections the rest of my life, I told my doctor that I was calling Jason. Within five months my eye was completely healed. I could not be more pleased.

Margaret D, Google